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Want to understand everything about the Metaverse, NFTs and crypto-currency in video games? We give you simple explanations through different guides and tutorials.

Create wallet MetaMask

How to create a MetaMask Wallet | Steps

Don't have a wallet crypto yet and looking to create one? Here I explain the steps to create your wallet MetaMask, the must-have wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem. This way, you will be able to make your crypto-currency transactions and own your own digital wallet. This guide will allow you to...

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NFT : All about Non-Fungible Tokens

Looking to understand everything about NFTs? It's a good thing. We have swept the subject and answered a maximum of your questions. It is normal...


How to Buy NFTs | Complete Guide

This is a question that comes up a lot. We hear so much about NFTs that we'd like to know a little more about the subject. The big questions that...

All about NFTs: complete guides

In this category FAQ, you will find a lot of information about NFTs. We hear so much about NFTs without really understanding what it is all about, that it seemed essential to us to make a whole series of guides on the subject of NFTs. That's why, after reading the articles, you will know what an NFT is, you will see how we can create an NFT, but also how to buy NFTs. All the basics are here, explained as clearly as possible (at least, we try to!). If however, you have misunderstandings or even questions, you have the possibility of asking them to us in comments, directly under the articles. You will understand then in what the NFTs are a real revolution for the video game industry (among others).

blockchain video games and crypto gaming explained

This site being specialized on video games related to the blockchain, you will always find a link to this sector in our explanations (whether it is NFTs or Metaverse). A video game blockchain is a game developed on a blockchain in which we find a crypto-currency specific to the game (or tokens). Some games developed on the blockchain are called Play to Earn games. They allow you to play while earning video game crypto-currency and NFTs. This crypto-currency and NFTs, can be traded and sold for real money (to put it simply). Some Play to Earn games are even metaverse in their own right. There is also more and more talk about another more sustainable model, the Play and Earn. This concept aims to put the game back at the center, making the possible gains generated more secondary. The best way to stay informed on the evolution of the sector is to follow regular news or to enjoy some guides available to you to discover new gaming projects blockchain.

Understanding the Metaverse and its ecosystem

This whole ecosystem is new and not always easy to understand, we are well aware of that. That's why we try to explain as much as possible as simply as possible so that everyone can have access to these virtual universes in full expansion. By the way, don't hesitate to have a look at our lexicon of terms specific to crypto gaming to start understanding the universe. We also explain the links between all these concepts. The notion of metaverse is often associated primarily with video games, but it is simply virtual worlds with strong social interactions. A metaverse does not therefore apply specifically to a video game. One thing is certain, the concept of metaverse is an innovation that will revolutionize the web as we know it. On the way to the Web 3.0 ! When asked what is the Metaverse? You'll know what you're talking about!