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I'll give you 3 whitelists Cross The Ages! 🤞

Cross The Ages Whitelist

Cross The Ages gives me the great honor to offer me 3 whitelists for my readers! I was already a fan of this future TCG with a crazy universe, but now I've gone even further. 🚀

To begin with, if you stumbled upon this project and you don't know it yet, which I think will clearly revolutionize the world of trading card games, you can read my detailed presentation of Cross The Ages. And even if you have already heard about the game, well, feel free to read it too, you might learn a lot of additional things.

logo Cross The Ages

What should be done?

Enough of the blah, here's what you need to do to win one of my 3 whitelists:

All the people who meet these criteria will be drawn and the results will be announced directly on my Twitter. I will contact you by mp if you are a winner, you will just have to communicate me your Discord ID which I will then communicate to the Cross The Ages teams.
No deadline to share with you yet, I'll be announcing all of this on Twitter as well. So go ahead and do what you have to do 😉

How to get a whitelist Cross The Ages?

If you're not the lucky one who was drawn, you should know that there are other ways to get a whitelist. First, be sure to actively follow the Cross The Ages Discord, as all the info on giveaways and how to be a part of a whitelist is there (and much more besides).

Secondly, you should know that Cross The Ages really thanks its active community. This means that if you are engaged on the Discord, regularly answering questions from newcomers, creating content, etc., CTA will thank you for it.

It is announced that a total of 20,000 participants will have the chance to be part of the whitelist and receive early access to the map packs before the official release of the game.

Cross The Ages - Lyle

Here are some ways to be whitelisted:

  • Participate in contests on Cross The Ages's Twitter or via their various partners (like what I'm offering). Don't hesitate to look for other influencers on Twitter who might have whitelists for you to win.
  • Participate in the various contests on the Cross The Ages Discord organized regularly. Surprise quizzes on the CTA lore or just your involvement can allow you to be whitelisted.

All in all, be prepared, be on the lookout for the slightest opportunity and keep your fingers crossed, it can work. 😅

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