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Play To Earn Games - Crypto, NFT and Metaverse Games List

Discover a selection of the best Play To Earn of the moment.
Metaverse games, NFTs to collect, discover the limitless universe of video games related to blockchain and crypto-currencies.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity logo
  • 🚀 Output : March 2018
  • 🧩 Type : Strategy
  • 🪙 Token : AXS
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC, Mac

Build powerful teams of Axies to defeat your enemies and use them in an expanding game world. Each Axie has unique skills. Build your kingdom and use your Land to farm resources and attack dungeons.

Thetan Arena

Logo Thetan Arena
  • 🚀 Output Nov. 2021
  • 🧩 Type : MOBA, BR
  • 🪙 Token : THG, THC
  • Blockchain : Binance Smart Chain
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC, iOS, Android

Esport oriented, Thetan Arena is a mobile game of strategy and shooting in PvP. Skill and team spirit are required to defeat the opposing team. To be played in solo or multiplayer, collect multiple characters and put their skills to the test.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained logo
  • 🚀 Output End of 2018
  • 🧩 Type : Trading Card Game
  • 🪙 Token : GODS
  • Blockchain : Immutable X
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC, Mac

Gather your most powerful cards to build your deck and use strategy to defeat your opponent. Gods Unchained is a collectible card game developed on the blockchain Immutable X. Will you live up to your God?


Sorare logo
  • 🚀 Output : 2019
  • 🧩 Type : Fantasy soccer - Cards
  • 🪙 Token : no token
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC

Sorare is a fantasy soccer game in which players buy, sell and manage a virtual team of soccer players represented by NFT cards. Teams are ranked according to the performance of each player in matches.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox logo
  • 🚀 Output May 2012 (initial date)
  • 🧩 Type : sandbox, open world
  • 🪙 Token : SAND
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC, Mac

The Sandbox is a 3D metaverse in sandbox mode where you can freely create content thanks to the integrated no-code software. You can buy LANDs, collect NFTs, create your universe and discover thousands of others. 

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes Logo
  • 🚀 Output : January 2018
  • 🧩 Type : Tower Defense, Maps
  • 🪙 Token : TOWER
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • 🖥📱Platforms : Mobile Android and iOS

Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile tower defense and NFT trading card game of different rarities and power. Players can earn tokens by playing through the many levels, defending their kingdom against the hordes of enemies.


MOBOX logo
  • 🚀 Output : Q1 2021
  • 🧩 Type : Metaverse
  • 🪙 Token : MBOX
  • Blockchain : Binance Smart Chain
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC, Android, iOS

MOBOX is a decentralized cross platform GameFi metaverse. In the MOMOverse, users can create content and discover the content of others. An ecosystem where developers, gamers and collectors come together in the same world.


Bomb Crypto logo
  • 🚀 Output : Q3 2021
  • 🧩 Type : Arcade, Bomberman style
  • 🪙 Token : BCOIN
  • Blockchain : Ethereum
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC

Bombcrypto is a Bomberman-like arcade game in which you can buy bomber heroes and participate in different PVP or PvE game modes. Each hero has special skills that are more or less powerful in battle.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds logo
  • 🚀 Output : 2021
  • 🧩 Type : Trading Card Game
  • 🪙 Token : TLM
  • Blockchain : Binance Smart Chain
  • 🖥📱Platforms : PC

Alien Worlds is a metaverse in which you play with NFTs. You use maps for combat, missions and mining. Players can stake Trilium on planets to vote in the upcoming Planetary elections and increase the pool of rewards.

Games Play to Earn : definition

The definition of a Play to Earn is simple: it's a video game that allows players to earn money by playing. When you put it that way, it sounds like a dream. But let's be a little more specific. First of all, you have to understand that Play to Earn games are games developed on a blockchain is. In a Play to Earn, you can farm and collect the game crypto-currency and earn tokens. The blockchain helps to ensure the uniqueness of the items (NFTs) and create digital economies. The more you play these blockchain games, the more NFTs or in-game currency you can accumulate and thus generate revenue. With this mix of gaming and finance, Play to Earns fall into the category of GameFi. If all these terms do not remind you of anything and are still unclear, do not hesitate to consult our lexicon of crypto gaming terms to see more clearly.

Understanding the business model of a Play to Earn game

By playing regularly, you can very well consider earning some money with a Play to Earn game. But be careful, some games require an initial investment to be able to start playing (for example, the purchase of 3 axies to constitute your starting team in Axie Infinity). You must therefore evaluate the profitability of the game in relation to what you intend to invest. We talk about this in our article on Play to Earn profitable games to know.

The money you earn is not sent directly to your bank account. It is more complex than that. Besides, you don't earn fiat money (or fiat currencies, such as dollars, euros, etc.) directly. Instead, what you can earn is NFTs you earn which you can resell on marketplaces (collectibles, equipment, characters, etc.). Depending on the game, a NFT can be only cosmetic or have a real in-game use. But you can also get crypto-currency from the game which you can exchange for stable coins depending on the market price, and then for real money, if you don't want to reinvest in crypto-currencies. Finally, some games also offer a staking mechanics (blocking a quantity of crypto-currencies to receive rewards).
To understand even better the different ways to win money with a Play to Earn game, or to know new mechanics of gameplay, you can discover new game projects blockchain under development.

Different kinds of Play to Earn crypto

Not all games in this ecosystem work the same way. We know the games that require a financial investment, but we also find games that require a free-to-play (Play to Earn free). These are games that require no input and can be played for free. You can create value by playing and selling the digital assets you earn without spending any money up front.
Then, as it is about video gamesThere are all kinds of games. Some are Play to Earn strategy or fighting games, others are RPGs (role playing games), there are also MOBAs or TCGs (trading card games). But above all, let's not forget the games that take place in a metaverseThis is a true open, persistent and community-based virtual universe.

Since the concept of Play to Earn has a negative connotation for some, a concept of Play and Earn that puts the game itself back at the center while offering opportunities to win by playing.
To find out about promising future projects in this sector, you can read the Best Play to Earn to follow in 2022.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Never invest money you are not prepared to lose and always do your own research.