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Blockchain Gaming Projects - Crypto Gaming, NFT and Metaverse

Check out all the upcoming blockchain game projects. We present you the best crypto gaming projects, the NFT games that will be released soon and the metaverse games in development.


Illuvium logo
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Immutable X
  • 💹 Token: ILV
  • 👾 Genre: RPG auto-battler
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q1 2022
  • 📙 Whitepaper

Guild of Guardians

Logo Guild of Guardians
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Immutable X
  • 💹 Token: GOG (not yet available)
  • 👾 Genre: MMORPG PvE and PvP
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q2 2022
  • 📙 Whitepaper

Cross The Ages

logo Cross The Ages
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Polygon
  • 💹 Token: CTA
  • 👾 Genre: Trading Cards
  • 🚀 Expected release: early access may 2022
  • 📙 Whitepaper

Ember Sword

Logo Ember Sword
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Immutable X
  • 💹 Token: EMBER (not yet available)
  • 👾 Genre: MMORPG
  • 🏞 Image Gallery
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q1 2022 (Alpha)


Aurory Project Logo
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Solana
  • 💹 Token: AURY
  • 👾 Genre: PvE and PvP turn-based RPG
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q1 2022
  • 📙 Whitepaper
Logo Star Atlas
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Solana
  • 💹 Token: ATLAS and POLIS
  • 👾 Genre: Exploration and space conquest
  • 🚀 Expected release: 2022...
  • 📓 Roadmap

Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley logo
  • ⛓ Blockchain: BSC and Polygon
  • 💹 Token: CHMB / LSTS
  • 👾 Genre: RPG
  • 📙 Litepaper
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q3 2022
Logo Big Time
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Ethereum
  • 💹 Token: Not yet known.
  • 🏙 NFTs SPACE available for sale
  • 👾 Genre: Action-RPG multiplayer
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q2 2022 (early access)
My Neighbor Alice logo
  • ⛓ Blockchain: Chromia
  • 💹 Token: ALICE
  • 👾 Genre: Simulation, Construction
  • 🚀 Expected release: Spring 2022
  • 📓 Whitepaper

Blockchain Gaming Projects

The blockchain gaming projects, there is no shortage of them. It seems important to us to present you some games that have caught our attention and that we have already talked about (for some of them) in our Top Play to Earn to follow in 2022
As you know, the blockchain games are more and more in vogue since some time. Indeed, some of them offer totally revolutionary mechanisms that are only possible thanks to the blockchain technology. If you are still among the skeptics, it is perhaps because you have not grasped the infinite possibilities offered by the metaverse and the NFTs.

If you are interested in the in-depth discovery of future games blockchainwe develop complete gaming project guides. This way you can get a very complete overview of different elements of the future game. It also gives you some information about the viability of the project and whether it is worth your while to take a closer look at it for a possible investment. We detail the elements of gameplay, we give an overview of the graphics of the game, we briefly present the different tokens and tokenomics of the project, the purpose of the future game and its mechanics, and finally we talk about the NFTs of the project, the P2E system, the possible metaverse created, etc.

How to recognize a blockchain game project with potential? 

Well, there are several criteria to consider when a new blockchain gaming project is announced. Indeed, we can focus our attention on different things that can give us clues about the viability of a project and the cost effectiveness of the Play to Earn (whether it is a blockchain game project or another sector, the verification criteria are the same).
One can look at the official website of the project, the activity on social networks and the number of followers. One can also read in detail the litepapers and whitepapers to learn more about the project. It is also interesting to go and see the token and exchange course on which it has been listed (if you have already done so). A good way to get an idea of the relevance of the crypto gaming project is to look at the team (LinkedIn profiles, background of each member, experience in gaming or in blockchain, etc.). Finally, we will see who are the partners of the project, who are the investors.
Here are several avenues to explore to learn more and get an idea of the success of a blockchain project. Nevertheless, keep in mind that despite your multiple researches on the subject and the guarantees you think you have, you will never be safe from a project that never sees the light of day and stops its development overnight.

From the crypto gaming project and NFT to the release of the game

As soon as a game is no longer in the project stage, but actually released and playable, then we put it in the games Play to Earn list if it deserves its place. This way, you can be informed about new games that are released (and worth looking into).
On the other hand, if you are completely new to this world and have trouble understanding all the ins and outs, you may want to start by reading the lexicon of crypto gaming terms

Disclaimer: I would like to point out that the content of this page is provided for information purposes only and that we do not advise you to invest in these projects. These are projects that have caught our attention and for which we wish to share some information. But never invest money that you are not ready to lose and always do your own research.