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BlockchainSpace presents its Guild Partner Program

BlockchainSpace Guild Partner Program

As announced in its roadmap, BlockchainSpace recently presented its Guild Partner Program. BlockchainSpace is a platform that supports and helps Play to Earn and metaverse guilds in their evolution. What exactly is the Guild Partner Program? Let me explain. ⬇️

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What is the Guild Partner Program of BlockchainSpace?

The Guild Partner Program plans to provide new guilds (and old ones, of course) with valuable tools, training, and funding to facilitate the connection between games and guilds. In effect, the BlockchainSpace Guild Partner Program will give guilds and players around the world access to the best tools they need to have a unique gaming experience. BlockchainSpace believes that every guild deserves the same tools and resources, no matter how small. That's why BlockchainSpace has partnered with guilds around the world in this partnership program.

There are several advantages for guilds:

  • Alpha pass for the new tools developed by BlockchainSpace.
  • NFT badges.
  • Customized guild management system solutions, dashboards, etc.
  • Exclusive discounts and benefits on all events in partnership with BlockchainSpace.
  • Opportunities for whitelists, free in-game assets and other benefits in the form of NFTs from BlockchainSpace partners.
  • Invitation to private rounds of financing for future investments.

Some partner guilds will also be able to test many games in preview (Alpha test) and give feedback on their game testing. Who better to give constructive feedback to a team of developers than expert and solid guilds.

BlockchainSpace guild partner program

A few words about BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace is a platform developed on the blockchain, with its own token GUILD, dedicated to guilds specialized on blockchain and metaverse games. This hub provides guild management tools in order to improve and optimize the Play to Earn games. Players from all over the world are gathered on this platform. Currently, more than 20,500 guilds have access to the platform, which represents nearly 1,900,000 players.

It's not easy to manage these real small businesses that are the guilds of blockchain games. BlockchainSpace is a starting point for the good management of a guild. A strong community, CRM tools, analysis and benchmarking to track its performance, management and recruitment advice on a large scale and financial contributions allow guilds to structure and evolve like a business.

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