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Mortal Judgement : New Gods Unchained extension announced

Mortal Judgement Extension Gods Unchained

Barely 6 months after the release of its previous expansion, Divine Order, Gods Unchained offers us a new expansion full of new features. Indeed, in this Mortal Judgement expansion, you will discover more than 190 new maps, 3 new mechanics and 1 new mythical map.

The expansion is not yet available, it is announced for April, but we have some gameplay elements to share with you. This expansion also comes with new lore elements, allowing us to learn more about the fate of the world of Eucos.

What are the new features of Mortal Judgement?

190 new maps are added to the existing ones, about the same as the previous expansion. And as always, a new unique mythical card will also be available. We already envy the lucky person who will find it in one of his decks.

Omox Mythical Card, The Mad

Omox will bring madness and a lot of disorder on the board. Indeed, at the beginning of the game, Omox is placed on top of each player's deck. When played, Omox destroys your hand and replaces it with 9 random creatures at 9 mana, but setting their cost at 1 mana. It can turn a game around in no time!

Omox The Mad - Mythic Card Gods Unchained

3 new abilities: Echo, Empower and Tempt Fate

Echo: This new mechanic summons a new creature related to the card you just played and puts it directly into your hand. This effect is powerful for decks zoo and decks that summon many creatures. Cards summoned by Echo have 1 mana, 1 strength, and 1 health.

Gods Unchained Mortal Judgement extension - new capabilities

Empower: This effect allows you to spend extra mana points to trigger a special ability. This card can therefore be played as a normal creature without costing too much mana or become very powerful (reinforced) if you decide to activate its special power. These cards cost more but can be devastating.

Tempt Fate: From what we understand about this mechanic, there will be a strong RNG dimension. By triggering the Tempt Fate mechanic on the card, you will be able to choose from two effects. Will you be cautious or take risks? It's double or nothing...

Gods Unchained extension Mortal Judgement - new maps
Gods Unchained extension Mortal Judgement - new maps

This expansion will be the last one of the season 1 of the Champions Rise series about the fate of Eucos. We can't wait to test it all! In the meantime, you can visit the Gods Unchained official website to discover this extension.

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