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Star Atlas and The Sandbox partnership

When the metaverse meets the metaverse, you get this. This is a new big step in the development of the decentralized metaverse and blockchain games. Indeed, 2 big names of the sector, The Sandbox and Star Atlas, demonstrate the interoperability of blockchains Ethereum and Solana. A new high-flying partnership...

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Cross The Ages: $12 million fundraising

Have you been asking for a large-scale blockchain game project? Well, you are going to be served with Cross The Ages. The project is presented as a small...

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Do you want to know the dates of the NFTs pre-sales? The dates of the opening of the sales of Lands, Mystery Boxes, some NFTs, etc.? Well, don't hesitate to check regularly our news to be informed in real time of any news from the video game industry blockchain. We also give you the appointments not to be missed, such as tournaments, registrations to appear on the whitelists of some projects, access to private beta, early access, etc. It is also a good opportunity to discover the different partnerships that some video game projects blockchain. Thus, we can easily realize the relevance of the projects and their viability. Finally, we announce you the new games releases, we put you in link the trailer or videos of gameplay.
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