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An NFT of collection " Ukraine 24.02.2022 " by The Sandbox

NFT Ukraine The Sandbox

It is from April 27th at 15:00 UTC that marketplace of The Sandbox will host a collection NFT dedicated to Ukraine. A good way to raise funds to help financially the inhabitants of the country.

An NFT Ukraine The Sandbox created by a Ukrainian artist

This NFT was created by a Ukrainian artist named Ilya. You can find and buy it directly on The Sandbox marketplace.
Two sides make up this NFT. The front side of the arch embodies the peace, independence, strength and courage of the Ukrainian people. The back side shows how the war entered everyone's home. It represents the atrocities, the killing of civilians - especially children - and the destruction of everything that had been built in the country. On the other hand, the flag with the bloody sunflowers represents all those who fought to defend the country and gave their lives for it.

It embodies the representation of peace, independence, but also civil resistance. If you are interested in this coin, go for it, as only 200 NFTs will be offered for sale (15 SAND each).

It should be noted that all revenues generated by the sales of this NFT will be donated directly to charities helping victims of the war in Ukraine.

NFT Ukraine The Sandbox

I have been working on this project while the air raid sirens we going off. I knew that any moment, a shell could fly into my house. However, the only thing, that kept me strong was the desire to make something for my country. To use my voice to show how it feels to be Ukrainian.


A fundraising in the continuity of "Wave with Ukraine

The Sandbox is not at its first try in their support to Ukraine. Indeed, from the end of March to the beginning of April 2022, the Wave with Ukraine was a great success. This time it was about acquiring the flag of Ukraine in the form of NFT of course. Each copy of the Ukrainian flag was sold for 100$ and could be paid both by credit card and in crypto-currencies.

For all those who bought this Ukrainian flag NFT, the airdrops will take place at the end of April. You will be able to place the flag on your LAND The Sandbox and show your help for Ukraine (the flag is 25 meters high in the metaverse).

Ukraine Flag NFT The Sandbox

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