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Collab of 2 giants of the Metaverse: The Sandbox and Star Atlas

Star Atlas and The Sandbox partnership

When the metaverse meets the metaverse, you get this. This is a new big step in the development of the decentralized metaverse and blockchain games. Indeed, it is 2 big names of the sector, The Sandbox and Star Atlas, which demonstrate the interoperability of blockchains Ethereum and Solana.

A new high-flying partnership for The Sandbox

After his partnership with Dogami, The Sandbox demonstrates once again the possibilities of interoperability between blockchains. This time, it is Star Atlas, the new-gen triple-A space metaverse, which integrates the many renowned partners already convinced by the The Sandbox metaverse. It is through a contest involving the community that this partnership will really take shape.

"We're excited to announce the first of many cross-platform integrations, connecting the ecosystems of Star Atlas and The Sandbox."

Michael Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO of ATMTA, Inc, the principal development studio of Star Atlas.

Launch of the Star Atlas VoxEdit contest on May 2nd

It is the Star Atlas VoxEdit contest that launches this great partnership of the two metaverse environments. It will take place from May 2nd at 00h00 UTC to May 15th at 23h59 UTC.

"We are proud to be partnering with Star Atlas and are excited to develop new projects with the franchise. This contest is the beginning of a new bridge linking metaverses to each other, with the goal to bring more content and cross-platform integration to both of our audiences. We can't wait to see the amazing assets that our communities will create!"

Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox.

What is it about? The Star Atlas VoxEdit contest gives players the opportunity to act as a The Sandbox "Envoy" with the task of visiting one of the three main galactic factions in the Star Atlas metaverse - ONI, Ustur and MUD. "Envoys" are then tasked with creating a report on what they find by designing a portrait of one of the faction's inhabitants using The Sandbox's free VoxEdit software.
Indeed, if you are interested in The Sandbox, you know that the game integrates a software (Vox Edit) offering the possibility to realize and animate NFTs for The Sandbox. So if you are a little creative, this is the opportunity to show your talent! Beginner or expert, everyone can try to make creations thanks to these integrated tools with a rather friendly interface. If you want to try, go to the The Sandbox as of May 2.

What is there to win? Winners will be chosen by the The Sandbox and Star Atlas teams and the results will be announced on June 11. The top four winners will share 50,000 SANDs, the token from The Sandbox, and a fleet of Star Atlas spaceships (NFTs).

This Star Atlas VoxEdit contest is just the first of many integrations that Star Atlas and The Sandbox have planned to increase interoperability between their respective metaverse environments and blockchains. So to be continued...

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