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How to play Crazy Defense Heroes on PC ?

Crazy Defense Heroes PC

You want to know how to play Crazy Defense Heroes on PC ? I explain it to you in this tutorial. Follow my step by step explanations and you will be able to play your favorite mobile game directly from your PC.
To do this, it is very simple, I will show you how to install LDPlayer, a Android emulator for PC (free and secure). Its goal? Simulate the screen of your smartphone on your computer.
So, ready to play Crazy Defense Heroes on PC ? ⬇️

Step 1: Download the Android emulator

To obtain Crazy Defense Heroes on PC, the first step is to download the LDPlayer emulator. As I said, the emulator will simulate the environment of your mobile directly on the screen of your PC. The installation is totally free and without any risk.
Go to the official page, and then click on the button Download LDPlayer.

Download an Android emulator for PC

The download of the emulator will start. Once it is installed (after a few minutes), it will open automatically. When it opens, the emulator will ask you to log in to your Google Play Store account (this is normal, go ahead).

Step 2: Install Crazy Defense Heroes on PC

Your emulator is now installed and open, you are ready to install your game. The next step is to go to download Crazy Defense Heroes to play it on your PC.

  • Directly from your emulator, open the Play Store tab (or LD Store tab, the result will be the same) and type Crazy Defense Heroes in the search bar.
  • Now click on Install.
  • In a few seconds, your game will be installed. And you can launch it.
Install Crazy Defense Heroes on PC

If you have started playing Crazy Defense Heroes on your mobile, it is normal to want to recover your progress. Don't worry, all the levels you have completed are not lost. However, in order to retrieve your history, you must first register on your mobile.

Click on the cogwheel at the top right of the main screen. Then click on Connection, and then choose your preferred login method (Google account, email or phone number).

Crazy Defense Heroes login on PC

Then, from your emulator, go to the same place and connect via the same means. The game will then ask you if you want to retrieve your progress, click on the right button : Use Cloud.

Connect to Crazy Defense Heroes on PC

That's it! You have just recovered all your progress in Crazy Defense Heroes. You can now pick up where you left off, but from your PC.

Playing Crazy Defense Heroes on PC: Advantages of the Android emulator

There are several advantages to play Crazy Defense Heroes on PC through an emulator. We explain. ⬇️

An Android emulator for PC is a software to be installed on your computer and which allows you to play all mobile games directly from your PC. In fact, this software allows you to simulate a mobile environment via an interface that you will manipulate on your computer screen with your usual keyboard and mouse controls.

Generally speaking, playing a mobile game via an Android emulator for PC has several advantages:

  • Saving your phone's battery: No need to worry about the battery level, your PC does the job (ideal for Idle games, among others).
  • Optimized graphics: If your computer is pretty good, you can optimize the game's graphics to match the performance of your graphics card.
  • Setting up macros: Macros: you can create macros to automate certain tasks in farming games. It is just necessary to press a key to perform the desired action.
  • Mouse and keyboard controls: No more annoying fingers on your screen, you will be able to use the controls of your PC. Mouse, keyboard and even controller will allow you to play your mobile games on PC.

This installation guide is finished, I hope it was useful for play Crazy Defense Heroes on PC. Other tips and guides are waiting for you on your favorite Play to Earn!

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