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4 Play to Earn profitable to know absolutely 

Play to Earn ROI

Do you want to know the most important references for Play to Earn ? Then you are welcome. If you have already stepped into this vast universe, you must have already heard about the crypto games that will follow. If you are totally new to the game, then maybe I'll introduce you to a part of the very rich world of Play to Earn. Let's go for a presentation of 4 sets Play to Earn profitable (ROI) that have revolutionized the world of NFTs in gaming.

Quick definition of a Play to Earn

First of all, if you have no idea what Play to Earn games, let me explain in a few words. A Play to Earn is a video game that allows players to earn money by playing. These games are developed on a blockchain, so you can farm and collect the game's crypto-currency and earn tokens. The blockchain allows to guarantee the uniqueness of the items through NFTs and create digital savings. The more you play these blockchain games, the more NFTs or tokens you can accumulate from the game and thus generate some crypto-currency income.

A Play to Earn game becomes profitable as soon as you have managed to pay back your initial investment. It is important to understand that profitability does not mean "making millions" and leaving everything behind to go live in Brazil.
Some games are free-to-play. For some, this means that no investment is required to be able to discover the game and start playing it (and eventually earn some money). But others require to invest money.
It should also be noted that it is not enough to "play" in the strict sense of the term. It will also be necessary to be strategic. It's a good idea to do some smart trading and use your resources wisely. So don't see the Play to Earn games as a way to make easy money. It would be naive for you to do so.

Axie Infinity: the Play to Earn is profitable and pioneering

We start with the heavy stuff: the most famous Play to Earn set at the moment, it is Axie Infinity. All those who are involved in P2E in general, have inevitably heard about this game, which is a precursor in this field.

Axie Infinity logo

Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the Ronin sidechain to lower fees and speed up transactions. The goal of the game is to collect and fight Axies. These are small, colorful monsters that you can buy with the game's token (AXS). These Axies will be used to play in PvE in the adventure modes, but also to face other players in PvP in turn-based battles.
Note that a marketplace is directly present in the game. It allows you to buy and sell your Axies to other players. To start the game, you will need acquire 3 Axes. So keep in mind that this requires a fairly large initial financial investment, as well as a fair amount of playing time to break even. Count on between 500 and 1000 $ to create your first viable team (but you can also create a starting team for less than that).

  • Blockchain: Ethereum (sidechain Ronin)
  • 💹 Token: AXS / SLP (Binance and Uniswap)
  • 👾 Genre: Strategy, PvP
  • 📙 See the whitepaper
  • 🗓 Creation : early 2018

The originality of the game : The breeding system ! You will need a 2nd token allowing you to mate 2 Axies to get a 3rd one (which you can resell if you wish).
The big advantage of Axie Infinity is its reputation and the fact that it is one of the first profitable Play to Earn. We tend to feel safe with this game in the sense that we are no longer at the project stage, but on a stable game that has existed for a few years now and meets the criteria of a real metaverse.

Trailer Axie Infinity

Sorare: the successful NFTs collection game

Sorare is a fantasy soccer game with collectible cards of real soccer players.

The principle of the game is to form a team that will play each weekend against other players who form their teams in the same way as you. To do this, you will need buy player cards (representing real famous players). According to your performances, the number of points that each of your players will score, you will appear in a world ranking that will allow you to unlocking rewards. The interesting thing about this game is that you have the possibility to win cards (NFTs, of course) each with a value depending on the soccer news. 

It is a game developed on the Ethereum blockchain but it doesn't have its own token, everything is based on the Aether price. The big advantage of Sorare is that you have the possibility to earn Ether, as long as you compete with the rarest cards (rare or higher). Dazzling development, impressive fund raising of this French start-up, Sorare is without any doubt a game of future which signs with new soccer clubs every week. However, keep in mind that it is necessary to make a fairly large initial investment (between 600 and 800 $ to build a competitive team).

A little tip to get you started: : If you want to start the game, I strongly advise you to register via a sponsorship link ! Indeed, you will get a free common random card, once you have purchased 5 rare cards on the marketplace.

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • 👾 Genre: Strategy, Collection
  • 🗓 Creation : 2019

The originality of the project: The game is based on real time news and the value of your NFT cards can drop from one day to the next if a soccer player breaks his leg in a real game. On the other hand, your NFT can increase in value if one of the sportsmen does something incredible or wins a prize in real life.

Thetan Arena : the MOBA of the blockchain

Thetan Arena is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with an Esport focus that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are familiar with the mobile game Brawl Stars, then you have understood everything about Thetan Arena, or at least its design.

Logo Thetan Arena

You can fight in PvP in different game modes each with their own specificities: Battle Royale, Death Match, Super Star (Capture The Flag), Tower Siege. Special events are added occasionally (solo and PvE campaign, quests, battle pass, etc.). 

You can play at Thetan Arena in free-to-play, but if you want to invest in the game, you can also do so through the Thetan Box, for example. These boxes allow you to get a random hero (an NFT). These NFTs will be sellable on the marketplace (which is not the case for the free starter character). Heroes can have 3 levels of rarity (common, epic and legendary). The higher the rarity level of your hero, the more powerful his skills will be and the more likely he will get combat rewards.
Before each fight, you will choose your hero among 3 possible classes You can choose to be a tank, an assassin or a sniper. You also choose 2 skills to give him from a total of 22 (more skills will be added in the future).

Please note: Thetan Arena is available on multiple platforms. You can play it for free on PC or on mobile (iOS and Android). After testing the 2, I noticed a big difference between the PC version and the mobile version. It turns out that the mobile version is much better optimized in terms of viewing distance (and this has a huge advantage over your opponents). I have a little tip for you: it is to play Thetan Arena in its mobile version, but on PC. More comfort, customizable controls and in-game benefits.

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • 💹 Token: THG and THC (Pancake Swap)
  • 👾 Genre: MOBA, Battle Royale
  • 📙 See the whitepaper
  • 🗓 Creation November 2021

Thetan Arena includes 2 tokens, THC and THG. The first is the currency you earn as a reward for fighting with your NFTs. This token will be used to buy other NFTs heroes on the marketplace. The 2nd token is the THG, it will be used to improve your characters.

Thetan Arena : trailer official launch

Gods Unchained : the famous trading card game

Gods Unchained is a Trading Card Game (TCG) similar to Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Arena or Legends of Runeterra, but on the blockchain is and with NFTs.

Gods Unchained logo

The principle is simple and well known. Basically, you create a deck, then you meet other players in PvP and try to reduce its life points to nothing thanks to your strategy, your cards and the possible combos. Your cards are NFT elements registered on the blockchain Immutable X (layer 2 Ethereum). The advantage of this blockchain is to avoid transaction fees when trading cards (very expensive on Ethereum).

At the end of each game, you have the possibility to gain XP. You can level up and earn boosters that will give you access to other cards. You can also earn money from the game: 2 currencies will be used mainly to buy or upgrade your cards. Gods Unchained has really been one of the first and most profitable Play to Earns in 2020 and 2021. The advantage of Gods Unchained is that you have the possibility to make money in free to play. But of course, to earn a lot, it will take you a lot of time.

  • Blockchain: Ethereum layer 2 - Immutable X
  • 💹 Token: GODS (Coinbase)
  • 👾 Genre: Trading Card Game (TCG)
  • 🗓 Creation : end of 2018 (early access)

Things to remember : Each card of Gods Unchained represents a unique and traceable NFT. The interest of a game like this on the blockchain, is to have true possession of your cards. Unlike other games where the cards remain the property of the publisher (Blizzard for Hearthstone, for example), here the cards really belong to you. You have the possibility to sell them, to exchange them, to collect them, etc.

Gods Unchained : Official launch trailer

Of course, there are other P2Es that are very much worth looking into, including the Play to Earn that will be released in 2022 and that you should absolutely follow! Here, I wanted to zoom in on the Play to Earn ROI that made their mark on the industry when they were released (and still do), but there are many games that are worth checking out. Remember, always do your own research before investing in a project, always look for multiple sources and be on the lookout for news about the world of crypto games

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