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Top 6: Best Play To Earn (Crypto Games) to watch in 2022

Best Play to Earn 2022

Looking to get started on one of the best crypto games to come? Or do you simply want to discover a Promising Play to Earn ? Then you've come to the right place. We have selected 6 video games which we think is worth a serious look. Be careful, this selection is still subjective, it is our opinion according to certain criteria and it commits only us. Come on, let's discover right now our selection of best crypto games Play to Earn not to be missed in 2022!

What exactly are Play to Earn games?

Before starting, let me make a small reminder for those who would just discover this universe. A Play to Earn is a video game developed on a blockchain, in which you can earn tokens exchangeable for real money. The way to win the game's crypto-currency depends completely on the Play to Earn game in question and its mechanics. Most of the time, these crypto games also offer NFTs which you can buy, trade, sell, collect. Another way to be rewarded is to do staking (blocking tokens for a certain period of time).

Please note: The order of presentation that we have chosen is totally random, we have not made a ranking of these future Play to Earn games. Although we do not provide investment advice, each of these blockchain gaming projects seems to have a nice potential. However, if you know of another great project that looks promising, please let us know in the comments! We'll keep an eye on it.

Illuvium: The Best Play to Earn Game of 2022?

Illuvium is perhaps the most anticipated game of the year by the community. It is a RPG free-to-play in open world which will be accessible during 2022 (Q1, we hope!).

  • Blockchain: Immutable X / Ethereum
  • 💹 Token: ILV (on Binance and Uniswap)
  • 👾 Genre: RPG auto battler PvE and PvP
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q1 2022
  • 📙 See the whitepaper

In this game, you will have to hunt, capture and fight with small creatures, called Illuvials. Illuvium is a very competitive Pokémon like and it is also very addictive.
It will turn on Immutable Xa layer 2 of the Ethereum blockchain. The advantage of Immutable X is the transaction fees, which are much lower than on Ethereum directly. The Illuvials that you will catch while browsing the vast open world, represent NFTs. In order to perform in the PvP mode, you will have to train your little creatures to make them more powerful.

The game is made with Unreal Engine 4 and has already released a gameplay video. It looks pretty cool and considering the number of people following the project, I think you can't wait either!
Regarding the investment outlook, the token of the game (ILV) is already listed and available for sale on Binance and other exchanges. Moreover, it is possible to staker to bring an annual return (the version 2.0 of their staking system is currently under development). The most interesting thing about this token is that the project plans to distribute 100 % of the game's revenue to token owners.
The Illuvium team also plans to release lands soon. Your possessions will allow you to harvest important resources for the game and thus generate a return. Stay tuned so you don't miss the opportunity of the lands sales (we will warn you)!
The Registration for the Illuvium private beta were launched in late January. There may still be time to register! Illuvium will clearly be one of the best free crypto games of 2022.

Illuvium - Gameplay Trailer

Aurory: the future Pokémon in P2E on the blockchain?

Aurory is a Play to Earn being developed on the blockchain Solana. In this free-to-play game, you will be invited to explore a rich and diverse universe and travel through the world of Antik and Cryptos. It is a Pokémon like turn-based strategy in PvP and PvE. It will be available on PC and mobile.

  • Blockchain: Solana
  • 💹 Token: AURY (on FTX or Raydium)
  • 👾 Genre: PvE and PvP turn-based RPG
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q1 2022
  • 📙 See the Whitepaper

In the adventure mode, you will have to catch magical creatures, the Nefties (NFTs), to train and prepare them to face other players' creatures in PvP mode (esport competition is also planned).
On the investment side, the token AURY is already out, you can find it on FTX and Raydium. It will be possible to earn them in PvP and PvE modes and stake for a return of almost 50 % annually. More return opportunities should be available soon offering more rewards.
Players who stake the AURY will also be entitled to a share of the game's marketplace profits once it is launched. In addition, this is the token governance of Aurory, allowing you to participate in important decisions regarding the development of the game.

You will also find game-related NFTs, the Aurorians which bring many in-game advantages.
Finally, it will be possible to acquire lands during 2022, these will allow to obtain a passive return. The holders of Aurorians NFTs will have priority on the sale of these lands.

Aurory - Official teaser

Big Time : One of the best Play to Earn scheduled for 2022

Big Time is another big project coming to PC! It is a Action-RPG multiplayer in which you will team up with other players to live adventures in time and space.

Logo Big Time
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • 💹 Token: Not yet known. NFTs SPACE available for sale
  • 👾 Genre: Action-RPG multiplayer
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q2 2022 (early access)

The founder of the game is very well known in the crypto world as he is the creator of the metaverse Decentraland. In addition, the team behind the project is made up of former EA Games, Blizzard, Epic Games and Riot Games... This suggests that it's going to be very heavy.

In Big Time, you travel through time and face many enemies in the dungeons. You won't have no need for crypto-currencies to start playingnor to create a portfolio. They intend to simplify the game as much as possible so that it can also be played by players who the world of play-to-earn and crypto-currency is unknown. You might not even realize that the game is linked to the blockchain. You will just need a wallet at the time you want to withdraw profits from the game.

NFTs from the game will be lootable as rewards for dungeons, quests, etc. They will represent skins and will have no influence on your level. They will represent skins and will not influence your level (a bit like in Fortnite, basically). But you will be able to resell them and thus earn crypto, and thus, real money.
Also, the NFTs SPACE put on sale on December 21 (playgrounds), were sold out very quickly. 

This video game is going to be in the news a lot in 2022, you have to follow its news if you don't want to miss it.

Big Time - Trailer

Ember Sword: a free MMORPG, top of Play and Earn

Ember Sword is a future MMORPG free-to-play which is also developing on Immutable X (like Illuvium).

Logo Ember Sword
  • Blockchain: Immutable X / Ethereum
  • 💹 Token: EMBER (not yet available)
  • 👾 Genre: MMORPG
  • 🚀 Expected release: Q1 2022 (Alpha)

The objectives of this MMORPG are multiple. You can fight monsters, bosses or other players in PvP. You will also have the possibility to become a resource merchant by looting items and crafting rare items to sell them.
A great originality that we rarely see in an RPG, when you create your character, you won't have to choose your class at the beginning of the game. In fact, some of your skills will increase according to your playing style and will define your class as you go along. 

The NFTs in the game will be cosmetic only (skins) and will be quite limited. You can earn them by finishing PvP and PvE missions and then sell them to other players for the in-game currency, the token EMBER. For the moment, this token is not yet available for purchase, but there is another way to invest in this project. It is possible to become owner of lands. These are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on which you will be able to install buildings and recover passive yield.

Depending on the location and type of land you own, you will be able to earn a portion of the NFTs exchange fee on marketplace. They have created an interesting system that offers you a percentage of the income from lands near yours. The lands are available for purchase on OpenSea like many video game NFTs. 
Players should find here the strength of what makes a good MMORPG. The game is currently in internal pre-alpha, the developers plan to launch an alpha version for Q1 2022 players.

Finally, the Ember Sword project is more focused on Play and Earn. This means that the game remains central when the crypto is more secondary. According to the creators, this aspect is the key to a more sustainable business model. To be followed very closely!

Ember Sword - Announcement Teaser

Star Atlas: The Biggest Play to Earn Project of 2022

Star Atlas is an MMORPG with an important strategic dimension. With space and the universe as a backdrop, this Play to Earn of space conquest and exploration promises incredible graphics. What we like about the Star Atlas project is the fact that it is free-to-playSo you can start playing without spending any money. 

Logo Star Atlas
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • 💹 Token: ATLAS and POLIS (FTX or Raydium)
  • 👾 Genre: Space exploration, strategy and conquest
  • 🚀 Expected release: 2022…
  • 📓 See the roadmap

In this future metaverse spaceIn this game, 3 factions are fighting each other for dominance over territories and resources. There will be resource mining on planets, crafting, trading, exploration and ship battles. On the investment side, you already have the possibility to buy in-game ships and resources on the marketplace official. And there is something for every wallet.

Then you also have the possibility to buy tokens. The token ATLAS is the internal currency of the game and the POLISIt is the token of governance. This last one will allow you to take part in the decisions and the choices of evolution of the game according to a system of votes. While waiting for the release of the game, you can stake your vessels to get a return.
This is a game to watch closely this year, even if we know it will take several years to be released in its full version. Finally, no video of gameplay for Star Atlas yet, but a sublime trailer and a beautiful website that won the award for the most beautiful site of the year at Awwwards !

Star Atlas - Official Trailer

Guild of Guardians: one of the most promising crypto games

Guild of Guardians is a mobile game MMORPG free-to-play offering to evolve in a fantasy universe. In this game, you will be able to explore dungeons and defeat enemies to collect resources and get in-game currency.

Logo Guild of Guardians
  • Blockchain: Immutable X / Ethereum
  • 💹 Token: Gems GOG
  • 👾 Genre: MMORPG PvE and PvP
  • 🚀 Expected release: End of 2022
  • 📙 See the whitepaper

This game reminds us a bit of Diablo in its gameplay (although the latter has never been released on mobile). The project favors teamwork, you will have to build a solid and strategic team to succeed in completing the highest levels. 

As in many MMOs, you can join a guild. These will give you access to additional content and the guild creator will be entitled to a share of the sales made by the members. For example, if one of the guild members resells a craft item through guild efforts, the guild leader will receive a percentage of that sale. 
Very serious partners like Ubisoft or NFT investment funds like YGG are part of the project.

This crypto game will be available end of 2022 on iOS and Android. We're on the case to test it all!

Guild of Guardians - Teaser
Guild of Guardians - Gameplay

We are coming to the end of this selection of Best Play to Earn 2022. I invite you to share other projects you like in the comments. We will look carefully at all your suggestions to, maybe, talk about them on a dedicated article 😉

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