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Cross The Ages presentation

It is with great enthusiasm that I present you this project: Cross The Ages. If you want to discover a metaverse game project and Play To Earn offering something really new and addressing the largest number of people, then yes, Cross The Ages should interest you. Hybrid project developed on the long term and carried by passionate people, CTA is a future free to play trading card game, developed on the blockchain Polygon, and offering a very rich fantasy and sci-fi universe based on 7 novels.

Cross The Ages develops around a solid and deep story through 7 novels written by a team of renowned writers led by Arnaud Dollen. The 1st of the 7 novels is already available for free download in 3 languages: FR, ES and EN. Indeed, since October 2021, each week a new chapter has been unveiled. At the moment, you can discover the story behind the 10 chapters of the 1st novel.

The scenario promises to be intense, mixing heroic fantasy with science fiction, dystopia and the real world. Cross The Ages will offer a real gaming experience metaverse where the story of the novels will be perfectly blended with the cards of the game. Indeed, each card will represent a place, a character, an element found in the novels. The game will then allow you to obtain a projection, a vision of the narrative elements.

Cross The Ages - GameFi Project of the Year

The universe of Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages promises to offer a high level immersive experience through this saga that will span the next 7 years: 1 novel per year. A rich story unfolds as you read, revealing the setting of this future trading card game. Without revealing too much, you will discover 2 worlds that oppose and clash, Arkhante and Mantris, separated by a rift, the Rift.

Cross The Ages - Arkhante Rift Mantris

The Cross The Ages universe takes place in a dystopian world where mystical creatures and masters of magic clash with robots with artificial intelligence in a struggle for the last remaining resources of power.

World Map Cross The Ages


Arkhante is a dark fantasy world. Life is hard and the society cruel; justice is done by violence, and no hero is perfect. Most inhabitants live in poverty and mud, while the powerful live in splendor and opulence.

Arkhante elements


Mantris is an ultra-connected futuristic world. The world evokes a relatively near future, with advanced technology but no post-futuristic disruption (which means: no faster-than-light travel, no aliens or galactic empires, no spaceships and no diaspora of humanity).

Mantris Technologies


Rift is an intermediate world located between Arkhante and Mantris. Not belonging to either side, the inhabitants of this land represent the bridge between the two worldviews.

How to play Cross The Ages ? Gameplay and mechanics

Cross The Ages is a free to play TCG (Trading Card Game) based on freely available books. Anyone can access it from a mobile or a PC.

Cross The Ages gameplay

gameplay is quite classic: 2 players face each other in turn-based duels, each match lasting about 5 minutes. The objective will be to create the best possible strategy and control a maximum of spaces in the battle arena. Each player starts the game with a deck of 20 cards. 10 cards are then randomly selected to form the player's deck.
There will be a system of combos, elements, heroes and special attacks to use wisely.

In addition, in Cross The Ages, there will be a progression system that will reward regular players who log in every day. In fact, more and more interesting daily rewards will be offered as the days go by.

Cross The Ages gameplay

How the cards work

The cards are going to be beautiful, their design is very advanced. We already love to imagine making their collection.
In Cross The Ages, about 365 cards will be released during the year. There will be 2 collections of 145 basic cards, 52 off-series cards, 10 cards that will be released for the early, 7 unique cards and 6 hidden cards.
There are 8 types of rarity:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Mythics
  • Unique
  • Alternative (obtained with a fusion)
  • Alternative Combot (obtained with a fusion)
Rarity Cards Cross The Ages

Each card can be Normal or Premium. The only difference is the visual aspect, since Premium cards will have a shiny or golden effect. They will be rarer to obtain, but will not have any additional combat power.

Cross The Ages cards

Card fusion system (free):

A number of cards of the same rarity can be combined to obtain an Alternative version. To obtain an Alternative card, you will have to combine :

  • 50 Common cards
  • 20 Uncommon cards
  • 5 Rare cards
  • 3 Ultra Rare cards
  • 2 Mythics cards

In addition, your Alternative card will have a certain percentage chance of being C, B, A or S level:
C (70 %), B (22 %), A (7 %) or S (1 %).

Finally, from what we know today, 1 booster card will cost between 3 and 15 $.

🗝 Little bonus: not much is known about this yet, but there will be 7 unique cards in the game (for each year). These cards will be revealed and auctioned in the first year. But from the 2nd year (so 2023), we will be able to get these maps if we find them... Indeed, riddles will be scattered in the books and in the game and will give access to GPS coordinates leading to the maps hidden in the real world.

The tokens of Cross The Ages

Beyond a free to play project, CTA wants to be a fun to play project. We are on a Smart Play and Earn game: players will be rewarded and paid according to their participation and time spent on the game and not according to what they would have invested at the beginning. There will be 3 tokens in the game: the CTA, the Crystal and the Gold.

Token CTA

If you are interested in the project and believe in it, then you'd better get tokens CTAs as soon as possible because their price will be very low when the game is launched. Indeed, you will need to own at least 1 CTA to be able to play the game, buy packs, make matches, etc. Holding, spending or stake of CTA will be useful for several things.

Depending on the number of tokens CTA you have, you will have access to different options:

  • 10 tokens : Mint the NFT cards.
  • 20 tokens : Participate in guild championships and tournaments.
  • 50 tokens : Access to all the part related to the card rental.
  • 100 tokens : Transform your cards from NFT to NFC.
  • 500 tokens : Each week, a special card is offered to add to your collection.

In addition, purchasers of tokens CTA will have exclusive access to the metaverse land sales at exit (2023). The token CTA is also the token of governance of the project. The community will therefore be invited to actively participate in the development of the game and the construction of the future metaverse through votes.

Cross The Ages - Tokenomics


The token Crystal is the in-game currency and will be used for all off-chain spending. Players will be able to earn it by completing various in-game objectives, quests, challenges, etc. It is with this currency that you will be able to buy anything that is purchasable in the game. For example, boosters, cards, skins, chests, avatars, etc.
Note that Crystals will be exchangeable for tokens CTA.


There will be an in-game marketplace allowing players to buy, sell and rent cards by the day, week or month. By renting your cards on the marketplace, you will earn CTA.
What's interesting is that you'll be able to set up notifications on the marketplace. For example, if your deck is missing an Ultra Rare or Mythic card, you can track their availability on the marketplace and receive alerts when they become available. It works a bit like a wishlist.

Cross The Ages token CTA

Regarding physical cards, Cross The Ages has developed a partnership with CardMarket (the largest marketplace for physical trading cards). In order to avoid counterfeiting, each card will be protected by NFC (near field communication technology) linked to a smart contract on the blockchain. Thus, the authenticity and history of each card can be traced; NFC guarantees that the cardholder is the legitimate owner.

The Transition Cross The Ages : From virtual to real

Cross The Ages has the ambition to become a real dystopian universe where fantasy and sicence-fiction meet. The objective: to make players live a unique experience by creating bridges between several worlds. Marrying the virtual world to the physical world is now possible. Indeed, Cross The Ages allows players to create NFTs (digital, virtual objects) and transform them into physical objects.

Cross The Ages cards

What really gives the game its exclusive feel is the transition system between the virtual and real worlds. The cards you collect in Cross The Ages can become physical cards (like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, etc.). In fact, once a player is able to collect all 145 basic cards from one of the collections, he or she will have the option to turn them into NFC (physical cards). All these cards will be marked and authenticated.

Cross The Ages : Latest News

  • The books will eventually be released in print, but no date has been announced yet.
  • The release of Cross The Ages is scheduled for June 2022. However, early access will be unlocked in late April/early May for whitelist players.
  • esport tournaments, the League Arena, will be held (with the first one scheduled for August 2022). Big cash prizes of $1 million are already announced and the competitions will be broadcasted live. Smaller tournaments will then be held to select the best teams for the larger tournaments.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Never invest money you are not prepared to lose and always do your own research.

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