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Chumbi Valley staking (CHMB): How does it work?

Chumbi Valley Staking CHMB

Since mid January 2022, it is possible to put the token of the game (the CHMB) in staking. This means that by locking in tokens for a certain amount of time, you will passively earn tokens at the end of the staking period. The purpose of staking is to reward loyal players who are willing to lock in their tokens over a period of time to support the project.
So if you believe in the potential of this game, staking is a great way to generate passive income!

Staking the CHMB: How to do it?

It's really simple, first of all, you have to go to the official website Chumbi Valley staking.

Then, it is necessary to connect your wallet MetaMask (without this, you will not be able to access the page). Make sure that your wallet is on the account Binance Smart Chain.

You can choose 3 options of staking duration: 90 days (3 months), 180 days (6 months) or 365 days (1 year). Depending on the period you choose, the APR will be higher (I'll come back to this below).

💡 Good to know: once you have locked in your tokens to a term, you will only be able to get your deposit and reward back at the end of the staking period, not before. The end date of the staking period is indicated Reward date.

Once you have chosen the duration of your staking, select the number of tokens CHMB that you wish to block and enter it in Amountand then click on Stake.
If you want to use all 3 options of staking durations, it is possible, you can decide from staker the number of CHMB you want on the 3 options.
You can choose the amount you want, the minimum is 1 CHMB and there is no maximum (but be careful, each pool still has a staking cap).

These staking periods are fixed and they started since mid-January (January 19 exactly). The more we advance in time, the more the end of the first staking period approaches. Indeed, the first pool ends on April 14th. If you choose to stake on this first pool, it is still possible, but you will only earn rewards on the remaining number of days.

Understanding the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of the CHMB staking

The RPA corresponds to the annual rate of return. That is to say, depending on the APR announced, you will earn that percentage of your initial investment brought back to the number of days of staking. In short, an APR of 100 % over 1 year allows you to double your investment. An APR of 100 % over 3 months, allows you to earn 25 % of your investment.

At the launch of staking on Chumbi Valley the RPA amount started extremely high, but that is normal and does not last. As more people invest in staking, the RPA will go down.
The latter is therefore bound to decrease over time until the objectives set by the project are reached. These are the minimum RPAs, namely:

  • 3-month pool: 100 % APR.
  • 6-month pool: 150 % APR.
  • 12-month pool: 200 % APR.

Here is the procedure in pictures for the staking of your CHMB from a mobile :

Disclaimer: The content of this page is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Never invest money you are not prepared to lose and always do your own research.

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