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Guild of Guardians | Full presentation

Guild of Guardians

There are several Play To Earn projects in development that interest us. And among them, there is Guild of Guardians. It is a future mobile RPG game, between Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons, in which you can play in PvP and PvE. This future free-to-play developed on the blockchain Immutable X wants to be more of a Play and Earn with, of course, NFTs. `Here is the full presentation of the set blockchain Guild of Guardians.

Guild of Guardians will therefore be a mobile-only game (on Android and iOS) at launch; its release is scheduled for late 2022, or even early 2023. It is presented as a 3D isometric fantasy MMORPG heavily inspired by Blizzard's Diablo 3 PC game. With its team of Guardians, it will be about progressing through dungeons, killing monsters and taking down bosses to collect resources, earn epic rewards and XP.
The game is developed on the blockchain Immutable X (a layer 2 of the blockchain Ethereum) thus allowing to reduce considerably the transaction costs. The game is intended to be accessible to a wide audience, it will not be necessary to know anything about blockchain or crypto-currency to play the game. In the manner of Thetan Arena, you can download the application on your mobile and not even realize that you are playing on the blockchain.

Trailer of Guild of Guardians

How to play Guild of Guardians? Gameplay and mechanics

The gameplay of Guild of Guardians looks promising. We will find a mix of action-RPG, strategy, a gameplay focused on the social aspect (team, guild) and of course, a trading dimension based on the game economy. You can play as mages, warriors, elves, orcs and other heroic fantasy classes. And logically enough, the races will also have a role in combat: tank, DPS, healer, support.

When you go through the dungeons with your team of heroes, you collect resources. These resources will be used to craft rare items or summon heroes that you can exchange for real money.
The goal will be to build the strongest possible team of heroes and climb the seasonal leaderboards to win prizes. Of course, the further into the game you go, the more difficult the dungeons become. There is strength in numbers and your guild will be a valuable support to move forward.

Team strategy will be as important as skill. Your team composition and the synergies generated will be decisive (faction, class and elemental synergies).

Summoning heroes

Guild of Guardians heroes will be summoned through the purchase of a summon or by playing to earn shards summons. Each hero has a set of unique properties that determine their play style, strengths and weaknesses. This way, each player will be able to find the team and synergies that suit them.

Guild of Guardians Hero Properties:

  • Class: determines the type of equipment to be used.
  • Faction: determines the type of hero (some monsters are weak or strong against certain factions).
  • Elements: monsters weak against your element receive 30 % of additional damage.
  • Rarity: indicates the power of your hero (legendary rarity being the most powerful). But the hero's power also depends on his abilities, not only on the rarity level.
  • Capabilities: each hero has an Active ability (ultimate power) and a Passive ability (buff, synergy).
  • Ascension: Each hero has a maximum level which can be further increased by Ascension, thus increasing its power to the maximum.
Guild of Guardians - Properties

💡 Please note that common rarity heroes are not NFTs. Therefore, they will not be tradeable.

Guild of Guardians gameplay

Skill is an important part of the strategy. The dodge will be essential to be able to anticipate and dodge the attacks of the monsters (AOE for example).

Basic elements of the GoG gameplay:

  • You will be able to venture into instanced dungeons.
  • Each dungeon is unique and filled with monsters, traps and bosses to defeat.
  • You earn resources, in-game currency and stuff.
  • These resources will be useful to improve your heroes and make equipment.
  • You then move on to more difficult dungeons with your upgraded heroes and stuff.

Additional gameplay planned for future updates:

  • Guild raids and raid PvP.
  • Player-created dungeons.
  • Special areas dedicated to trading.
  • esport tournaments.

The guilds

The game is intended to be deeply multiplayer, with guilds being the essence of the game. Players who want to farm and go far in the game will be encouraged to join or create a guild. You will be able to complete dungeons as a group and reach the most difficult levels in order to get the best rewards.
Guilds will be able to gather between 20 and 50 players depending on the level of the guild and the guild leader will receive a percentage on the sales of craft items with the guild. Indeed, one of the most important elements of the guild are the crafts that you will realize thanks to all the members' contributions.
Being part of a guild will also provide access to certain exclusive game modes and events reserved for guild members.

Name of the guildMaximum membersCash back amount guild leader
Adventurers' GuildAdventurers' Guild201 %
Warriors GuildWarriors Guild302,5 %
Legends GuildLegends Guild405 %
Mythical GuildMythical Guild5010 %

However, creating a guild will come at a cost. All guilds were sold out in record time during the first presale.

Pets and equipment

You can assign a pet to your team of Guardians. The pets are classified into 3 categories: Workers, Scouts and Hunters. They provide bonuses depending on their class (passive generation of crafting resources, increase in drop of dungeon items or increase in drop of dungeon completion rewards). You will be able to purchase a fart during the presale, but also directly from players once the game has started.

You will not be able to buy equipment directly in the game. This means that the stuff will only be managed by the players who will create a real economy. Hundreds of weapons and armor pieces with bonus stats will be lootable, craftable and tradeable.
4 slots of stuff are provided: weapon, helmet, boots and jewelry. Some equipment sets will offer boosts if all the pieces are gathered on the hero.

Whether it's pets or equipment, you'll find 4 levels of rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary.

Equipment rarity levels Guild of Guardians

💡Note that unlike heroes, the common rarity of pets will be tradeable.

Model Play and Earn of Guild of Guardians

The game will be free-to-play, so it will be free to start the adventure. Of course, there will be Play and Earn mechanics, players will be able to earn tokens and NFTs during their adventure. Far from the gacha game system, you don't pay to play but you play to win.

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Different ways to make money playing Guild of Guardians

The craft guild

  • The only way to create NFT items is through a guild.
  • The resources of craft are looted in the dungeons. You can bring as many resources as possible to your guild for craft items that will be automatically sent to marketplace to be sold. The profits from the sale will be divided equally between each contributing player.
  • All levels of players will have their use in the guilds because the resources needed for crafts can be found in both low level and high level dungeons. In addition, specific factions are the only ones who can loot a particular resource.

Fusion of heroes

  • You can play in free-to-play and earn common rarity heroes (non-tradable).
  • You can then merge several heroes to get heroes of higher rarity (tradeable) and thus get powerful heroes without having spent any money.
  • Heroes obtained by merging will be exclusively reserved for trading between players (they can never be sold directly by GoG).

Daily rewards

Each day you will be able to complete quests and progress objectives to earn Gems (token).

There will be other ways to earn money in Guild of Guardians as the game develops. For example, leaderboard prizes, NFT dropss from guild raids, etc.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians Gems (token)

Guild of Guardians has partnered with Guardians Guild Limited which issues a currency that will be used in GoG. The in-game currency, called Gems, is a token ERC-20 (Ethereum) which is created, issued and distributed by GGL.
Players can earn Gems for free by playing Guild of Guardians every day.

These Gems will be needed mainly to perform actions that involve creating new assets on the blockchain. For example, merging heroes, craft a guild item or upgrading a hero via Ascension will require Gems.

In addition, once the game is released, 20 % of the cost of the mint of NFTs as well as 20 % of the marketplace trading fee will have to be paid in Gems. The Gems used in this way will automatically be sent to a pool rewards pool and redistributed to active players.

Tokenomics Guild of Guardians
Tokenomics from GoG

The Gemss will also be useful to participate in game-related votes as a decentralized governance token.

To get detailed information on the supply of the token GOG, I invite you to read the dedicated part on the Guild of Guardians whitepaper.

NFTs and Marketplace

The mobile RPG genre is an ideal model for a game blockchain play and earn and the perfect opportunity to disrupt the industry. Why the blockchain model with its NFTs is capable of revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry? Well, now players will have the opportunity to make real investments. Mobile RPG players spend between 100 and 350 $ per year to buy items or heroes that they don't really own. blockchain games offer players the opportunity to become the true owners of their in-game items and to dispose of them as they see fit (sell, buy, trade, collect).
The NFT economy adds strategy and depth to the RPG. You can then acquire heroes directly, without having to go through a random gacha system.

The Gems are token ERC-20 issued on Ethereum. Anyone can own them; their purpose is to list them on a exchange as Uniswap.
All assets in the game (items, pets, heroes) are tokens ERC-721 (NFTs) on Immutable X. This means that no gas fee is applied on peer to peer trading.

Guild of Guardians Undead

Guild of Guardians : Latest News

Disclaimer: The content of this page is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Never invest money you are not prepared to lose and always do your own research.

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