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Big Time's Evermore Academy: Earn XP with quests

Big Time Evermore Academy Quests

A few quests to complete and you'll be ahead of the game! If you are hyped for Big Time and that you follow with ardor Play to Earn news and Big Time in particular, well you may have already heard of Evermore Academy

What is Evermore Academy by Big Time?

Located in the center of the future city of Epoch City, Evermore Academy will be a meeting place for students and warriors on a mission to solve the crisis of the end of time and space.
If you want to be rewarded for your diligence as a big fan of Big Time, then go ahead and do these quick tasks.
Follow the few steps outlined below and start working for Evermore Academy! What's in it for you? XP points. You'll be able to redeem them for Ruby Early Access passes 😋, roles on Big Time's Discord server and other prizes. Roles on Discord will give you the opportunity to be part of special chanels where you will enjoy exclusive announcements and bonuses.

Steps to take to earn XP

Big Time Evermore Academy
  1. To get started, follow this official link of the Big Time quest program.
  2. Log in with your Discord account. To make it easier, feel free to use your mobile application and scan the QR code.
  3. Complete the 3 tasks described on the chart (it will take you about 3 seconds). 😅
  4. To earn even more XP, you can click on All Quests in the upper right corner and discover other ways to earn some XP.
Big Time Evermore Academy

Of course, these few steps won't allow you to buy a Ruby Early Access pass right away... Just check out the Store and see that you'll still need quite a bit of XP to get.

Quests and other ways to earn XP will be added later. Check back from time to time to see if more quests have been added (you will be notified on the Big Time Discord or directly here) 😉.

Big Time Evermore Academy - Completed Quests

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