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An Airdrop of MOBOX avatars scheduled for April 5

Mobox airdrop avatar

The game blockchain metaverse MOBOX has just announced an avatar airdrop planned for very soon for veMBOX holders. Indeed, on April 5 at 8:00 am (UTC), each NBB Chain address that meets the stated conditions will be able to get up to 3 avatar chests.

Requirements to benefit from the MOBOX airdrop avatars

In order to benefit from these rewards, certain conditions must be met. The duration of staking of the veMBOX must be set to Long on mobox.io. Then, depending on the number of tokens in staking, you will receive :

  • 18000-32000 veMBOX: you will receive 1 avatar box.
  • 32001-90000 veMBOX: you will receive 2 avatar boxes.
  • More than 90001 veMBOX: you will receive 3 avatar boxes.
  • The MOBOX Avatar smart contract should be released after the official launch of MOMOverse. Avatar chests will be distributed to players after the smart contract is released. So be patient and stay tuned!

More details on MOBOX avatars

The MOBOX avatars will be NFTs ERC-721. You can have as many avatars as you want, there is no limit, you will be able to change avatars in the MOMOverse as you like.
Once your avatar has been mint on the blockchain, you will not be able to change its properties (there are 15 in total for each avatar). Each avatar also has 8 special slots that can create limited edition NFTs (e.g. branded clothes).
Your MOBOX avatar will represent your identity in the MOMOVerse and give you access to : MOprofession, MOsocial and MOMO Home.
Finally, you will be able to sell your avatars on any marketplace once the avatar market is open.

If you have trouble understanding the concept of the metaverse, don't hesitate to consult our full article on the subject of the metaverse.

Airdrop Avatar MOBOX

MOBOX and MOMO-mians avatars

MOBOX avatars represent you in the MOMOverse. It is your digital avatar, you can control it and evolve in the MOBOX universe through it. Your little creation will allow you to express your identity in the digital world of MOBOX, shop, play games, work, live your life and do all sorts of other things, all through your personalized character.
You'll be able to meet other people via their avatars, play MOBOX games together, and interact at your leisure. Take your MOMO-mian and enter a whole new dimension, control the action, interact with other MOBOXers and make new friends.

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