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First pre-alpha technical test of Ember Sword

Pre-alpha technical test Ember Sword

This is good news for the Ember Sword community. A series of technical tests will be launched from the beginning of April and for this purpose, the development team is looking for players able to test their game and give feedback. We tell you a little more about the process of these future tests pre-alpha testing of Ember Sword.

Logo Ember Sword

A little reminder for those who would just discover the game (what do you mean? You haven't seen our selection of the best Play to Earn to follow in 2022 ?), Ember Sword is a future MMORPG free-to-play taking place in a dystopian sicence-fiction fantasy universe.
In the vast world of Ember Sword, you can explore and adventure with your weapon and take on monsters in a classless combat system. But if you prefer, you can also farm for resources in safer locations and become a true artisan of rare crafts.

What exactly is a pre-alpha technical test?

First of all, you should be aware that you will only see a very small part of the game. What you will see through the technical test is very far from representing the final version of the game. Indeed, it is a small sample to discover. Your goal as a tester will be to examine various points (bugs, connection, necessary optimizations, etc.). The playing area will, of course, be limited.
Also, don't expect finalized graphics, that won't be the case. At this pre-alpha stage of development, the in-game graphics and artwork will not appear in their final version.

How to participate in the Ember Sword technical tests?

Lucky land or badge owners have automatically received an email invitation to participate in the technical tests. If not, it may be because you purchased your land on a secondary market and have not yet created a Ember Sword account.
Some of the land or badge holders will be selected to participate in these tests. Prerequisite:

Connect wallet Ember Sword

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive the necessary information to enter the game. You will see it directly on the website a little before the opening of the tests.

When will the technical tests of Ember Sword start?

Three test phases are currently planned:

  • Test 1: April 4 to 8
  • Test 2: April 18-19
  • Test 3: April 25

For each series of tests, streams will be organized on the Ember Sword's Twitch channel. The streams will be hosted by Thor and Svetlin from the Ember Sword team. The first stream will take place on April 4th at 1pm (Paris time).
Your feedbacks can be done via a Discord channel specifically for this purpose.

So, will you be one of the pre-alpha testers of Ember Sword?

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