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Illuvium launches a video challenge: The Last Illuvial

Video Challenge Illuvium The Last Illuvial

Are you an Illuvium fan and a content creator? Let your artistic soul express itself and become part of the Illuvium legend by participating in this original contest! Illuvium launches a video challenge for all those who will take up the challenge: The Last Illuvial !

What is The Last Illuvial challenge?

Indeed, the purpose of this contest is to allow you to create an Illuvial which will be integrated into the game. This will be the last Illuvial of series 1, and the creator is hiding among you! So if you have a good idea, put it into action. What exactly do you need to do? Create a high quality videowell thought out, original and creative. If your video is selected, your Illuvial will be created for real and integrated into the game. Cool, isn't it?
You can use dynamic visuals, sound (be careful with copyright) and show how your Illuvial will be the best.

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You must create a 60-second video describing a completely new Illuvial. You should give an idea of his personality, the atmosphere in which he evolves, his elemental affinity, his class and his omega ability. Don't make a pitch that is too complex and can't be easily integrated into the lore, just a character sketch. The design will be refined with Aaron (the game designer and co-founder)

Rules for participating in The Last Illuvial?

The contest started on March 4th and you can still participate until Sunday, March 13, 23:59.

The rules of The Last Illuvial:

  • Your video should be posted on your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch.
  • The design must remain generic, it will be refined later by the Illuvium core team.
  • You must include the hashtag #TheLastIlluvial in your video post.
  • The pitch video can contain media in any form, images, text, voiceovers, sound, etc.
  • All media you use in your video must be your property, do not violate any copyrights.

Illuvium's core team will select the grand prize winner from all the proposals submitted on social networks. Feel free to follow the Illuvium's Discord if it is not already the case and to promote your video on the channel #community-content. Also, it will allow you to see the videos already sent.

The winner of The Last Illuvial contest will have the great honor of having his creation integrated into the game and thus leave his mark in the history of crypto gaming 😅. In addition to that, you will receive your creation in NFT (super rare artist edition).
But that's not all: you'll be able to participate in a one-hour work session with Aaron Warwick and a one-hour work session with their Lead Artist Concept, Rogier van de Beek.

There is still time to participate!

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