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Presentation of the lore of Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia lore

The action-adventure game Mines of Dalarnia honors us by revealing a part of its lore. Here is a quick presentation of the background of this game blockchain still in alpha stage.

If you don't know Mines of Dalarnia, it is an action-adventure game developed on the blockchain Binance Smart Chain. The goal of the game is to mine and combine items to increase your skills and equipment. You fight enemies and search for rare artifacts and relics to learn more about the history of Dalarnia.

Mines of Dalarnia : the lore

The story takes place in 11752 AD. The vast majority of the known universe has been transformed into the so-called Metagalactic Collective.

Metagalactic Collective Mines of Dalarnia
Metagalactic Collective

This Metagalactic Collective is led by an AI known as Onemind whose primary function is to ensure peace and prosperity for all. Because of his knowledge and discoveries, Onemind has found himself surrounded by a group of devoted followers who worship him and treat him like a God.

Onemind has revealed a revolutionary new technology: the terraforming capsules. These capsules allow a planet to undergo millions of years of evolution in just a few seconds. The poorest planets can then develop an atmosphere, a flourishing ecosystem and underground resources when touched by these mysterious terraforming capsules.

3 planets and a moon for the lore of Mines of Dalarnia

In a sector of space called Dalarnia, 3 planets and a moon were chosen to undergo the first wave of experiments of terraforming. The news spread quickly: incredible riches would have been found on these strange new planets. Travelers flocked to the Dalarnian sector to try to find these famous resources in the hope of making a fortune. You play as one of these hopeful miners. Indeed, you have spent all your savings to pay for a trip to Luna Praxis. Are you ready to make your fortune in the Mines of Dalarnia ?

Mines of Dalarnia - Planets

Luna Praxis (free to play)

This world is used as a training ground for new explorers, due to its small size and the high concentration of resources found beneath its surface. These lands are owned exclusively by the Metagalactic Collective, which allows all players to explore its depths for free (no mining passport required).

Terra Prime

This planet represents the first deployment site for the terraforming capsules. Once dead and known as 1A1zP1e, this planet has been transformed into a beautiful and lush world. Word has spread quickly throughout the galaxy that rare and valuable resources can be extracted from the newly terraformed depths, creating a rush of Simians, Humans and other species to make their fortunes.

Terra Simia

Terra Simia is the home planet of a highly intelligent race, the Simians. As the Simians advanced technologically, their ability to explore space grew. But they exploited their planet until it became completely barren and virtually uninhabitable. Unlike the humans, who fiercely protected their planet Earth, the Simians offered their planet for terraforming. Now Terra Simia is open to resettlement by all peoples of the Metagalactic Collective, but the Simians are the first to settle there.

Terra Caldera

The third planet to undergo Onemind's large terraforming experiment, Terra Caldera was found to be experiencing some sort of anomaly. A massive crater-like structure has formed on the surface, far higher than anything that has appeared on the previous planets. The Caldera, as it is commonly known, is crisscrossed by strange, smooth, winding tunnels that reach deep into the unstable ground. The members of the Metagalactic Collective sense that this planet was created for a purpose, but no one knows exactly what it is...

So, do you want to travel to Dalarnia?

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