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The Sandbox Season 2 Alpha is coming!

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2

Get ready to explore the metaverse The Sandbox in season 2 Alpha ! There are many new features, including the fact that The Sandbox is now open to Mac players. This new season will be launched on March 3 at 15:00 UTC. Don't miss this event!

What's new in Season 2 Alpha

Here are the new features you will find in this season 2 Alpha of The Sandbox :

  • The game is now available for PC and Mac players,
  • Season 2 includes more than 35 experiences in total, available to anyone with a free TSB account (register now if it is not already done)!
  • You will find 18 enhanced experiences originally introduced in Season 1 Alpha + 5 new original experiences + 4 new user-built GameMakerFund experiences and 1 brand new travel HUB.
  • 200 quests can be completed for a chance to win an Alpha Season 2 pass.
  • More Alpha passes available and more different ways to earn SAND.
  • This season 2 is going to be bigger, longer and most importantly, open to all players for free !

Indeed, this last point is perhaps the most important, as all players will be able to create an account on The Sandbox and explore metaverse. You will then be able to try out 100 % experiences in this new season even without having obtained an Alpha S2 pass.

Alpha The Sandbox Season 2 Trailer

How to get a pass for the The Sandbox Alpha Season 2?

There are three different ways to get a NFT pass Alpha for S2 :

  • By participating in contests on social networks to have a chance to win a pass each week. You can also participate directly on the official website The Sandbox.
  • Using your The Sandbox account and be eligible to win an Alpha S2 pass via raffle. The more raffle tickets you have, the more chances you have to win an Alpha pass. The raffle will take place on March 31. See all the info on the raffle.
  • By buying a pass on a market place. These are players who don't want to use their pass, so they put them on sale on OpenSea. This is the only place where you can buy them. The Sandbox will give the official link of the collection on OpenSea as soon as it is available.

Holders of a season 2 pass Alpha will earn up to 1,000 SAND.

⚠️ Beware of scams and fake Passes. Only use the official links provided by The Sandbox if you want to purchase one.

So, are you ready for new experiences?

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