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3 unmissable Metaverse Blockchain Games (+1 Bonus Project)

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If you are looking for the 3 most famous and unavoidable blockchain metaverse games, then you have come to the right place. Here, I present you the blockchain games built around a metaverse that have been very successful since their announcement and that have not finished to amaze us. Other metaverse game projects are under development and look very promising, but for now, let's look at these 3 sure values of blockchain metaverse games: The Sandbox, Decentraland and MOBOX (and a little bonus at the end of the article). 🚀

What is the metaverse? Quick definition

Let's start at the beginning. It is important to understand exactly what the metaverse is before diving into readings that we would not master. Moreover, it is a term that we hear a lot and that is used a little bit wrongly. To put it simply, the metaverse can be summarized as a virtual universe with strong social interactions. We could consider that the term metaverse gathers all the persistent and shared virtual universes in which you can evolve through an avatar. A metaverse is a very immersive environment in which you can perform all kinds of actions. In 3D, in virtual reality or just in front of your computer or mobile screen, a metaverse can be experienced in different ways.

But to speak of the metaverse without mentioning the NFTs, blockchain and this whole ecosystem is to hide the new generation of metaverses that is revolutionizing the sector by contributing to the transition to Web3. These notions of blockchain, NFT and crypto-currency, perhaps a little blurred for some, are however essential to the good understanding of the metaverse as it is emerging. Thus, the 3 metaverse games we are going to talk about are developed on a blockchain and work with NFTs and tokens, each in their own way.

The Sandbox: the most essential blockchain metaverse game

The Sandbox is a 3D metaverse in sandbox mode where you can freely create content thanks to the integrated no-code software. You can buy LANDs, collect NFTs, create your universe and discover hundreds of others. 

The Sandbox logo

Initially created in 2012, The Sandbox was at the base, a project out of blockchain and in 2D. It is in 2017 that the 2 French founders take the turn from blockchain and switch their project to 3D on Ethereum. The Sandbox then takes up the main principles of decentralization. Indeed, the platform is co-constructed by the community. Through the SAND, the official token, players and content creators can buy in-game elements and sell them. SAND holders participate in the governance votes of the project and have access to exclusive features in the metaverse.

A lot of partnerships are regularly developed by the The Sandbox teams. Indeed, to date, more than 170 partnerships have been set up with major groups and brands.

As in most metaverses, there is a system of buying LANDs, representing land in NFT. The owners of these plots can even put their logo on them. You can find these lands for sale on marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible or during the official public sales announced by The Sandbox via their social networks. I make an aside: if by chance you don't know the marketplaces system of NFT, I invite you to read our guide How to buy and sell an NFT to better understand the system.

There are 3 strong components in this blockchain metaverse game:

  • The NFT Builder (for creators of NFTs).
  • The integrated marketplace.
  • Game Maker: no code tools available to everyone allowing them to participate in the creation of the universe and to create mini-games on their LAND.
Official Trailer 2021 The Sandbox.

MOBOX : Enter the MOMOverse !

MOBOX is a decentralized cross platform GameFi metaverse. In the MOMOverse, users can create content and discover the content of others. An ecosystem where developers, gamers and collectors come together in the same world.

MOBOX logo

MOBOX is a Play to Earn project built on top of Binance Smart Chain. The platform allows to dive into the MOMOverse, the metaverse of MOBOX. Moreover, 4 games are already available on the platform. To discover them, you just have to go on the official website. ChainZ Arena, MOland Defense, Block Brawler and Token Maste are the 4 games you can find in the MOBOX environment.

What makes this metaverse blockchain different from other metaverses is that it can be easily found on your smartphone or PC (many metaverses are not crossplatform). You can download MOBOX from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

In the MOMOVerse, you can find an NFT market, a social network of games, a museum to exhibit your NFTs, etc. This metaverse is a real hub of interconnected applications.

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • 💹 Token: MBOX
  • 👾 Genre: Metaverse, mobile and PC games
  • 📙 Whitepaper Mobox

💡 Like The Sandbox, MOBOX is listed on our games Play to Earn list to discover.

GameFi Metaverse - MOMOVERSE.

Decentraland: a virtual world developed on the blockchain

Decentraland is a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform powered by the blockchain Ethereum. Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experiment and monetize their content and applications.
Released in 2015, Decentraland is the oldest metaverse developed on the blockchain Ethereum and perhaps also the most well-known. Only 2 years after its launch, so in 2017, the founders completed a $26 million fundraising.

Decentraland logo

In Decentraland, you can acquire Lands and build your virtual world there. The token MANA is the native cryptocurrency of the game and the token of governance. It allows its holders to vote the evolution proposals of the metaverse. Decentraland is thus a totally decentralized metaverse owned by its users.

Many in-game tutorials are present to help you understand the metaverse making the experience quite intuitive. However, it should be noted that Decentraland is currently only available via browser.
The main advantage of Decentraland is its versatility. Indeed, much more than a game, it is a virtual universe in its own right in which you will find museums, a university, music festivals, casinos, stores, etc.

To buy virtual goods in the form of NFTs, you will need to have tokens MANA in your wallet. Also, the lands of this game metaverse blockchain are available for sale on OpenSea or on the official marketplace.

🖊 Please note: We do not report any prices for Lands, land, etc., in our articles because the market is so volatile and speculative that information reported today will be wrong tomorrow. We let you do your own research in real time so you are not misinformed.

Decentraland Public Launch early 2020.

Bonus : metaverse game blockchain project Cross The Ages

As a bonus, I wanted to introduce you to Cross The Ages, a project for which I wrote a complete presentation guide. I'm so excited about this game! This project is a bonus because it is not yet officially released. In any case, the metaverse part that is announced will not be released before 2023.

logo Cross The Ages

Hybrid project planned on the long term and carried by enthusiasts, CTA is a future free to play trading card game, developed on the blockchain Polygon. It offers a very rich fantasy and sci-fi universe based on 7 novels written by a team of renowned writers led by Arnaud Dollen. The 1st of the 7 novels is available for free download in 3 languages: FR, ES and EN.

Cross The Ages is a TCG (Trading Card Game) that can be played from a mobile or a PC. gameplay is quite classic: 2 players face each other in turn-based duels, each match lasting about 5 minutes. The objective will be to create the best possible strategy and control a maximum of spaces in the fighting arena. There will be a system of combos, elements, heroes and special attacks to use wisely.
The token of the game will be the CTA, it will be useful for several things in the game, so it will be necessary to have it to perform actions and evolve in his game.

The originality of this blockchain game project lies in its desire to provide a unique experience to players by creating bridges between several worlds. Indeed, Cross The Ages will allow players to create NFTs (cards) and turn them into physical collectible cards that work with NFC technology.

Launch trailer Cross The Ages.

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Disclaimer: The content of this page is provided for information purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Never invest money you are not prepared to lose and always do your own research.

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