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Sale Big Time Exalted SPACE : Price and Quantity available

Big Time Exalted SPACE sale price

We announced it to you a few days ago, Big Time opens a new sale of NFTs SPACE for the Mythic and Exalted categories on March 24 at 9 a.m. (Paris time). We've been waiting with bated breath to find out the prices and numbers of SPACEs on sale. Come on, we'll report back to you. ⬇️

How many SPACE Exalted and Mythic will be released?

It is on the marketplace official from Big Time that you will have to go to in order to acquire a SPACE Exalted or Mythic. It seems that this is the last sale planned before the early access starts. Nevertheless, it seems to me that this was already announced at the previous sale 😉.

If you were one of the lucky owners of SPACE before March 20th, you will be automatically rewarded with a Ruby Pass for early access. Lucky you! Well, you'll have to wait for the Gold, Silver and Jade Passes to finish their early access period before it's your turn to play.

As a reminder, owning a SPACE Mythic or Exalted, allows you to upgrade your Armory, Forge and Timekeeper to the highest tier. And this allows you to craft the rarest and most expensive items (NFTs).

Exalted SPACE BigTime sale quantity

What will be the price of the SPACE Exalted and Mythic?

As you can see, prices start at 1,035 $ for a SPACE Mythic Small, and go up to 14,680 $ for a SPACE Exalted Large.
If we believe the current prices on the market (peer to peer), the floor price of the SPACE Mythic Small is at 1,240 $. So the deal is not crazy. On the other hand, the gap is widening for the other NFTs (floor price at 28 400 $ for the SPACE Exalted Large). You still save a few hundred or thousand dollars depending on the NFT.

Exalted SPACE BigTime sale price

Please note: payment by credit card will not be accepted this time. So you'll have to prepare your funds if you don't want to miss this sale (I can see the sold out coming soon).
And also very important information: if you want to buy for an amount higher than 2 000 $, you must have done a KYC (Know Your Customer). So, a piece of advice, don't do it at the last moment!

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