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Chumbi Valley entrusts the development of the game to NonceBlox

Chumbi Valley partnership NonceBlox

Chumbi Valley is separating from Vulcan Forged to entrust the entire development of the game to the NonceBlox Metaverse Team.
Sometimes you have to make the right decisions when team expectations are not aligned. Chumbi Valley decided to separate from Vulcan Forged to entrust the entire development of the game to the teams of NonceBlox.

NonceBlox takes over the development of Chumbi Valley

NonceBlox has been a partner of Chumbi Valley since the beginning, but from now on, they will be the only partner to develop the blockchain ecosystem of the game. Having both the same vision of the project, the Chumbi Valley teams consider that the project will be more efficient and stable in the long term with a single blockchain development company. This is why it was decided to remove Vulcan Forged from the project. Moreover, they say that they make it a point of honor to preserve the quality of the game, even if it means taking a delay.

Having been involved in the project from the beginning, Ritam Gupta, the founder of NonceBlox has stated that the development of Chumbi Valley is a priority.
Chumbi Valley announces that the development progress will be shared more often and more freely, which is not to the displeasure of the community.

Chumbi Valley

Acceleration of game development

Obviously, Vulcan Forged was not the ideal solution for the Chumbi Valley project. This is a difficult decision to make, as it means that the development project switches completely to another team. It is certain that the development of the game will be impacted during the next few weeks, while the new teams take over the project. However, according to the Chumbi Valley team, this decision will instead allow the game to be developed more efficiently, to start again on a good basis, to ensure quality and to make up for lost time.

Rest assured, the transition of teams will have no impact on the design and mechanics of the game. NonceBlox has planned to quickly implement the game components to allow the Chumbi team to share the progress with you. Progress has been made on UX/UI, world design, inventory, farming, crafting, etc.

Chumbi Valley

In addition to being able to share previews of gameplay with the community, Chumbi Valley also has a lot of updates coming up. We'll keep you posted on all of that! In the meantime, remember that you can always put your CHMB in staking.

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