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Engine Preview of MetaGods : How to access it

MetaGods Engine Preview

In light of the community support following the recent launch of MetaGods, the developers have decided to offer a preview of the game to thank players for their support. The schedule has been moved up, so you can finally put your hard-earned NFTs to good use.
From the January 20th, you can join the whitelist to play MetaGods and get a good overview. You will also have the opportunity to earn great rewards by participating in campaigns. We explain the procedure to access the MetaGods engine preview and take your hero on a new adventure!

What is MetaGods?

It is important to start with the basics: a quick overview of what is MetaGods. It is a 8-bit action-RPG in which you fight the gods through a dungeon. Each character represents an NFT and you can team up in multiplayer to fight epic bosses.
The game works with 2 tokens: the MGOD and the RELIC. The MGOD is used as the token for project governance and allows participation in some special events. The RELIC is the token that can be earned in the game and contributes to the Play2Earn mechanics from MetaGods.

What is the content of this engine preview?

The first phases of the game will be accessible. The MetaHeroes will be able to face 4 bosses: Oozaru, Prometheus, Pluto and Zeus. The challenge will be difficult to face, especially since the final fight against Zeus will also feature the 3 gods previously confronted.
To reach the final level, a NFT key will be necessary. Be careful, once used, this key will be burned. You must therefore make sure that you have trained sufficiently before entering the ultimate confrontation with Zeus.

How to join the whitelist?

To be selected, you will have to complete a series of tasks. Everything will be done via a Gleam form (you can find the link on the MetaGods Twitter).

Once the Gleam form is completed, you will enter one of these categories:

  • Godly Apes MetaGods' longest standing supporters will be greatly rewarded. If you have 10,000 MGOD tokens in your wallet, you will be able to access this preview on January 20th.
  • VIP (e.g. Discord Group + MetaWars/MetaGods Token Stakers + En Route to 1000x Quest 1 Winners + Guilds/Partners). If you meet any of the following requirements, you will automatically qualify as a VIP! VIPs will receive early access (1 day) compared to the general public.
  • General public If you are not qualified as a Godly Ape or VIP, if you have completed the Gleam link, you are qualified in this group. Stay tuned on MetaGods social media for early access launch dates.

Whether you're a Godly Ape, a VIP or part of the general public, the process for accessing the engine preview is the same (just on different dates). Just wait for the link to be shared, and you can access it directly.
If you are part of the VIP group, your wallet address will be registered on the whitelist by the MetaGods team, you can access the engine preview via the link generated by the Gleam campaign.

2 campaigns available to test MetaGods

A small friendly competition will be set up. Of course, the winners of the campaigns will be generously rewarded. For the campaign Time Racing Competition, in this game, you will have to race and complete the levels as fast as possible to win prizes. 40,000 $USDT of prize pool is at stake!

Even if you come in lower in the ranking, share your results on Twitter with a screenshot of your performance. You will need to use the hashtags #MGODEnginePreview and #SocialGameFi, and tag @playMetaGods and 3 friends. 5 random winners will receive a T6 NFT character and 20 random winners will win up to 2000 $USDT!

Come on, I'll leave you to it, you have work to do 😉 ! Good game to all!

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