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Illuvium private beta: How and why register?

Illuvium private beta registration

Illuvium offers you the opportunity to participate in its private beta ! How do you do it? Simply by registering on the official website! Even if it is one of the most expected games in 2022 in the Play2Earn, a limited number of players will have access to this beta test at the beginning, but other slots will probably follow.
Try to sign up, it doesn't cost you anything! ⬇️

How to participate in the Illuvium private beta?

Well, to register for this test phase, it's very simple. Go to the official registration page for the private beta. First of all, you must create an Illuvium account with your email address.

Next, you will need to fill in a form composed of 4 mandatory parts:

  • Your Discord username,
  • the performance level of your graphics card (Medium or High),
  • the brand of your graphics card (for example, GeForce RTX 3070 Ti),
  • a few words about your experience (in video games, in crypto gaming, and/or professionally if it makes sense, etc.).
Illuvium private beta registration

Once you have completed all of this information, simply click on "Register" and your registration will be taken into account. Be careful because you will not be able to go back and modify your information afterwards.

If everything went well, you will receive a confirmation email.

Illuvium private beta registration

If you are asked for your PC's performance, it is because the game is not yet fully optimized and may encounter lags on some machines. The developers want to make sure that the game will run well on your PC so that you can test it in optimal conditions.
You will not be allowed to record, stream, take screenshots, etc., and you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

What will be possible to do in the Illuvium private beta?

As with all private beta, you can expect to encounter some bugs. Your goal as a beta tester will be to make a list of the bugs encountered and suggestions for improvements. This can concern different aspects, gameplay, graphics, game mechanics, etc. You can report bugs directly from the game interface.

Your feedback will be critical to the future performance of the game. The more relevant suggestions are reported, the more the developers will be able to improve the game and make it match your expectations. So, it's not unknown for you to feel frustrated about specific aspects of the game that may be having problems.

From what we know, this beta will allow us to discover the PvE fights (not PvP) and will be available only on PC. You will have to survive the waves of Illuvials as long as possible and get your daily ranking on the leaderboard. Reset mode when you lose, changing the spawn order of the enemies.

Team illuvials

At this time, no end date has been announced for this private beta. This event will continue until the developers have made all the necessary improvements. We can imagine that other test slots will be opened as progress is made.

Illuvium, in a few words

If you haven't heard of Illuvium yet, you may be new to the world of Play2Earn. Illuvium is an upcoming open world role playing game developed on the Ethereum blockchain (layer 2 - Immutable X).
The principle of the game: travel in an open world through fantastic landscapes to hunt and capture Illuvials. These creatures have powers, special abilities, and belong to different classes. Of course, you can combine them, upgrade them and create powerful teams to challenge your opponents. You earn ILVs tokens that you can convert into real money.

I give you the trailer of Illuvium, just to make your mouth water a little 😇 !

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