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Announcement of the sale of the Syphon Mystery Box of Big Time!

Big Time Syphon Mystery Box

Big Time is a game that we are following closely! This MMORPG is going to be great! So after the sales of NFTs SPACE last December (sold out at a dizzying pace), a big event is scheduled for tomorrow, the February 17, 2022. Indeed, 25,000 Syphon Mystery Boxes will be offered for sale directly on Binance's marketplace.

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Syphon Mystery Box sales: 25,000 boxes expected

On February 17, at 11am UTC, Big Time will be launching its latest collection of Mystery Boxes, The Syphon. As you may have guessed, this sale will be organized in partnership with Binance, the largest exchange of crypto-currency.

All purchases can be made in BUSD directly on binance.com. Each Mystery Box costs 25 BUSD (about $25), and only 25,000 boxes will be available for purchase. These boxes are only available during this sale, so if you haven't managed to buy one, you'll have to wait until the next announcement.

What is in the Syphon Mystery Boxes?

This event aims to reveal breathtaking panoramas of Syphon through animated postcards (The Paradox Forge, The Infinity Vault, etc.). Syphon is a region of the Big Time world in which an ancient technology draws its energy from an ancient crushed star.

Each box has a chance to contain 1 of 6 postcards. Some are rare or even super rare (special limited editions). In addition to the standard postcards, each box can also contain a VIP passes, allowing an exclusive early entry into the world of Big Time!

Finally, all players who are lucky enough to collect 6 postcards from this collection will receive an exclusive item to wear in the game at launch.

So don't wait any longer and go buy your Syphon Mystery Box ! 😉

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