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Big time : Early Access Launch Collection soon on OpenSea

Big Time early access launch collection OpenSea

After the sales of Mystery Box on Binance NFT which took place last week and which were sold out in less time than it takes to say it, a new announcement has just been made by Big Time! Indeed, the Early Access Launch Collection will take place on OpenSea from Tuesday, March 1 at 10 a.m..

Early Access Launch Collection : VIP Pass

The VIP pass will be limited (obviously) and will be divided into 3 parts:

  • Jade: 8,000 passes,
  • Silver: 3,000 passes,
  • Gold : 1 000 passes.

The Gold pass will allow the first early accesses to those who have managed to buy them. The early accesses for the Silver and Jade passes will then be unlocked. A priori, several sales will be planned, but nothing has been announced yet. So if you absolutely want to get your VIP pass, go to this sale.

For this sale, we will count:

  • 290 Gold Passes at 2,500 $ each,
  • 770 Silver Pass at 670 $ each,
  • 2200 Jade Pass at 320 $ each.

Each VIP pass offers early access to Big Time (launch planned for Q1 2022). Early access means you can start hunting for in-game NFTs (limited edition cosmetic and decorative items).

Big Time Early Access Collection will take place on OpenSeaand will be linked to the Polygon blockchain. So, you can pay with Ether (ETH), but be careful, you will have to transfer your currencies from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network first. I let you follow this tutorial made by OpenSea directly.

Don't miss out on this sale!

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